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January 23, 2011

Biz Quizzard 356

Presenting the current affairs quiz for the week January 17 - 22. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Not sure if I have covered this earlier. RS Sodhi is the newly appointed managing director of which well known company/organization?

2. Which international celebrity has unveiled sketches for her new shoe line for her “6126” clothing brand, the name derived from yesteryear actress Marilyn Monroe’s birthday?

3. Which well known international business personality has joined hands with Mumbai developer Rohan Lifescapes for his first venture in India?

4. Pearson, one of UK’s biggest publishers, last week increased its stake to 76% and took over which Bangalore-based online education firm?

5. Anand Sinha has been appointed to which regulatory position by the government of India?

6. Which company has acquired closely-held Michigan-based Manufacturers Equipment & Supply Company (MESCO)?

7. Which celebrities have been signed on as brand ambassadors for Bru?

8. Which well known advertising personality has announced the launch of her own advertising agency, called Curry-Nation Brand Conversations?

9. Which business group last week unveiled its new brand positioning, called 'Rise'?

10. Which well known CEO last week announced that he will take a leave of absence for health reasons?

11. Which company has sold its entire stake in its internet service provider (ISP) subsidiary to broadband services company, Trikona Digital Networks?

12. Which MNC group last week named investment bank chief John Havens as president and COO?

13. According to a report last week, which retail chain will spin off its ethnic wear private label, Melange, into exclusive brand stores?

14. Which company last week unveiled a super-tough scratch resistant cover, Dragontrail, for gadgets?

15. Which MNC last week appointed Avinash Vashistha to replace Harsh Manglik as its India head?

16. Which company last week unveiled its new range of innovative air conditioners under the Purista and Invincia brand names?

17. Which MNC’s co-founder will take over as CEO from Eric Schmidt?

18. TN Kurien is the new CEO of which company?

19. Mr Surinder Kumar Jakhar, 58, last week died in a freak accident. He was the chairman of which cooperative?

20. Which brand is the most trusted brand in the country, according to a study by Trust Research Advisory (TRA) - a research company?

21. Which celebrity has been appointed brand ambassador by XAGE Mobile?

22. Which business group will launch its first indigenously built aircraft before March, at a price at least 20 per cent cheaper than an equivalent aircraft of Cessna?

Please mail your answers on or before next Sunday to rajeevkondapalli@gmail.com with Biz Quizzard 356 as the subject.

Happy learning!
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