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January 9, 2011

Biz Quizzard 354

Presenting the current affairs quiz for the week January 03 - 08. Hope you enjoy it.

1. The world’s number one smoking cessation brand has been launched in India. Name it?

2. Which textiles and apparel retail company has given a stake to its nearly 700 employees on its 50th birthday in 2010?

3. Which country’s first hybrid car, branded as “Yo”, was demonstrated to general public last week?

4. Which MNC is celebrating its “125-year journey of innovation and making life better” in 2011?

5. Which retail chain has launched its ‘Go Glam’ collection for the party season?

6. Which MNC has sued Nusli Wadia-owned Britannia Industries for trademark and copyright violations of its popular Oreo cookies?

7. Which company will launch India’s first 5-star rated window air conditioner in January?

8. Which well known company has been renamed as SML Isuzu Limited (an ad was released last week)?

9. Which country is planning to host the world’s largest gold factory by the end of 2011?

10. Which brand is being advertised with the positioning ‘Separates the men from the boys’?

11. Motorola has finally been split into two entities. What have they been named as?

12. Which company last week announced the launch of its biggest global brand, Sensodyne toothpaste, in India?

13. Which MNC has agreed to buy US-based wireless networking firm Atheros Communications for $3.2 billion?

14. Venki Padmanabhan has been elevated to the position of CEO of which automobile company?

15. Which well known personality is behind Tenvic, a start-up venture with focus on promoting sports education and training at mainstream schools across India?

16. Which global IT strategies and solutions provider has acquired Sierra Atlantic, a California-based offshore enterprise application and outsourced product developer?

17. Samsonite will be entering the Rs 1,500-crore ladies handbag market next month. What has the range been branded as?

18. Which international chain last week unveiled a new logo, infuriating many loyal customers?

19. Mr Atul Maheswari, 55, passed away in Gurgaon last week. He was the chairperson and managing director of which publication group?

20. Which celebrity has been signed on by ICICI Prudential Life Insurance as its brand ambassador?

21. Which MNC will acquire majority stake in APW President Systems, a Bangalore-based manufacturer of racks and enclosure systems, mainly for the information technology and telecom sectors?

22. Who has been signed on as the first brand ambassador for beverage brand Mountain Dew?

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