September 26, 2010

Biz Quizzard 339

Presenting the current affairs quiz for the week September 20 - 25. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Which well known business group recently announced its entry into the fast-growing mobile handset business?

2. A new stock exchange was launched in India last week for the trading of currency derivatives. What has it been named?

3. Which MNC has said it will buy software and business analytics company Netezza Corp for $1.7 billion?

4. Which leading international business school has named noted Indian-American academician Dipak Jain as its new dean effective March 2011?

5. Which MNC is advertising its ‘liquid E’ Ferrari Special Edition model as ‘The world’s most exclusive smartphone’, in the print medium?

6. Which new trading initiative was launched by the Bombay Stock Exchange last week?

7. Which company has served a legal notice to the producers of the movie Dabangg for copyright infringement?

8. Following years of protracted legal battle, which company has completed the acquisition of Israeli company Taro Pharma?

9. Which company has signed an agreement to purchase the business of Pipal Research Corporation (Pipal), a leading player in knowledge process outsourcing, for $12.75 million?

10. Malaysia-based Astro All Asia Networks will acquire a 49% stake in which television channel in India for $40 million?

11. Which MNC, according to a report last week, is all set to bring one of its biggest global brands – Wella hair color – to India?

12. ITC has forayed into the instant noodles segment. Name the brand?

13. Hans Straberg has resigned as the president and chief executive of which MNC appliance maker?

14. Shyam Srinivas has taken charge as the managing director & CEO of which bank in India?

15. Which company last week raised $70 billion in the world’s biggest share offering?

16. Michael Geoghegan will step down as the chief executive of which MNC bank?

17. Which fashion house has introduced ‘Jeggings’, a combination of jeans and leggings?

18. Ad agency Publicis Ambience has teamed up with lyricist and poet Gulzar to create a campaign ‘Paisa bolta hain’. Who is the client?

19. Which celebrity has been roped in to endorse Lux Sandal & Cream?

20. TV Today Network has re-branded its FM radio channel Meow FM. What is the new brand?

21. Which brand last week used a new media innovation - a 'talking newspaper' – to announce its launch?

22. Which edible oil brand was last week launched as the 'oil that isn't oily'?

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Happy learning!
rajeev kondapalli

September 20, 2010

Biz Quizzard 338

Presenting the current affairs quiz for the week September 13 - 18. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Coca-Cola India’s vice president Sangeeta Pendurkar is joining which MNC as managing director?

2. Wilfred Albur has quit as the MD and CEO of the Indian operations of which MNC?

3. Which company is planning to hive off its pain clinics business – Osmosis – into a separate entity by December this year?

4. Which retail chain is selling its retail business to Chennai-based Shriram Group and the wholesale division to private equity firm TPG?

5. What milestone has Tata Teleservices crossed recently?

6. Which MNC has agreed to buy security software provider ArcSight for about $1.5 billion?

7. With which well known personality has Better Value Brands (BVB) joined hands to launch the country’s first global chain of Indian restaurants called “Indii”?

8. Which company has signed an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Maharashtra-based Pioneer Distilleries for Rs 74 crores?

9. The Indian Hotels Company Ltd (IHCL) last week announced the launch of its new brand. Name it?

10. Which MNC has unveiled its smart phone, Optimus One?

11. Which MNC has picked up the distribution rights of animated feature film ‘Ramayana – The Epic’?

12. Which company has acquired Super Valu Services India, the captive BPO unit of Minneapolis-based grocery retailer Super Valu Inc?

13. Which two research firms have formally announced the launch of their global joint venture, named NM Incite, in India?

14. Which celebrity has been signed on by Kellogg India as the brand ambassador for its Chocos range?

15. Which MNC last week named Koo Bon Joon as its new CEO?

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Happy learning!
rajeev kondapalli

September 12, 2010

Biz Quizzard 337

Presenting the current affairs quiz for the week September 06 - 11. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Gho Choon Phong has been announced as the new CEO of which international airline?

2. Three Indian brands figure in the list of 10 largest selling spirit brands in the world. Which South Korean brand has topped the list?

3. The ‘travel&living’ channel has been rebranded. What is it now known as?

4. Which political party has become the first from India to establish a presence in USA as a for-profit group?

5. Which political and business personality has, according to a report last week, emerged as the country’s highest paid chief executive?

6. Which MNC has hired former HP CEO Mark Hurd as a president and member of board?

7. Which MNC in the financial sector last week appointed Robert Diamond as CEO effective March-end?

8. Which MNC last week announced that its chairman Stephen K Green will leave it to become Britain’s Minister of State for Trade and Investment?

9. Which business group last week unveiled a new brand identity with the launch of a refurbished logo, the group peacock in vibrant red?

10. Which MNC last week said it will launch a new China-specific brand, Venucia, to tap the huge demand in the world’s largest car market?

11. Which Indian company has been ranked second in the list of world’s 10 biggest shareholder value creators, prepared by Boston Consulting Group?

12. Which celebrity is the new brand endorser for Nerolac Paints?

13. Which MNC recently launched a new brand in India, Curve ID, with actors Jacqueline Fernandez, Chitrangada Singh and Ileana D' Cruz endorsing the range?

14. Which MNC last week unveiled BlueOn, its first pure electric car?

15. Which MNC has re-launched its chocolate brand, Bar One, after six years?

16. Which retail company has announced the appointment of Govind Shrikhande as the managing director?

17. According to a report last week, Bernardo Hees will be appointed chief executive officer of which international food chain?

18. Genelia D’Souza can be seen at her seductive best in the television commercial for bags of which brand?

19. Which brand is “Celebrating 100 years of the language of love” (TVC currently on air)?

20. Which MNC has announced the appointment of top Microsoft executive Stephen Elop as its new CEO?

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rajeev kondapalli

September 5, 2010

Biz Quizzard 336

Presenting the current affairs quiz for the week August 30 - September 04. Hope you enjoy it.

1. A company called Interval Research has recently launched patent infringement lawsuits against internet search giants including Google, Apple and Yahoo. Which well known business personality owns the company?

2. Which MNC will buy German chipmaker Infineon’s wireless unit for $1.4 billion?

3. Reliance Industries last week surprised the markets by picking up a 14.1% stake in which hospitality company for Rs 1,021 crore?

4. Which FMCG firm runs a fast food chain called ‘Devils Workshop’?

5. The Brand Equity Most Trusted Brands Survey for 2010 was published last week. Which brand has once again emerged as India’s most trusted brand?

6. Srini Koppolu has quit as the MD of the India Development Centre of which MNC?

7. Which MNC last week sold its last US auto finance businesses to Spain’s Santander for about $3.5 billion?

8. Who has been elevated to the position of Chief Strategy Officer at Wipro?

9. Which company’s BPO subsidiary in UK, Diligenta, has acquired Unisys Insurance Services?

10. Arun Roy last week took over as the CMD of which public sector entity?

11. Which international food chain last week agreed to be acquired by 3G Capital in a deal valued at $4 billion?

12. Who is joining Bharti International (Netherlands) BV as a manager?

13. Which pharma MNC last week said it would buy privately held FoldRx Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, Massachusetts?

14. Which company last week launched ‘Kohinoor Banjara Premium Banking Centre’, a ‘crorepati only’ branch in Hyderabad?

15. R Ramachandran has taken over as the CMD of which bank?

16. Which MNC last week won the bidding war to buy data storage company 3PAR for $2.4 billion?

17. Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor feature in the print ad for which jewellery brand?

18. Apple last week jumped onto the social networking business by introducing a service built into iTunes that is intended to help users discover new music. What has it been branded as?

19. Which company celebrated its 54th anniversary on September 1?

20. Which Indian publication house is all set to celebrate 75 years?

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Happy learning!
rajeev kondapalli