December 12, 2010

Biz Quizzard 350

Presenting the current affairs quiz for the week December 06 - 11. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Which celebrity has been signed on to promote Dabur India’s juice brand ‘Real’?

2. Which MNC is running a campaign in the print medium with the baseline ‘imagination at work’?

3. Which business personality has been named as the richest tycoon in South Africa?

4. Which MNC has agreed to buy Seattle-based anti-piracy software firm Widevine?

5. Which MNC automaker has bought out its joint venture partner Azad Group’s stake in the Indian operations?

6. Which online fashion retailer has raised $8 million from venture capital Sequoia Capital to build up its supply chain for premium brands sold at a discount?

7. Which Indian company has signed an agreement with Italy’s premium furniture maker Chateau d’ Ax to set up its exclusive stores in the country?

8. Which company has entered into an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Mumbai-based Florista, which has a chain of floral designing boutique stores across India?

9. Which MNC last week started selling digital books from its online bookstore?

10. Which mobile handset distributor last week announced the acquisition of Thailand-based handset maker, NewTel Corporation, which sells handsets under the ‘WellcoM Mobile’ brand, for $22 million?

11. Religare Enterprises is set to buy the entire 85% stake of which well known business personality in realty-focused venture capital fund Indireit Fund Advisors for Rs 212 crore?

12. Which international celebrity has teamed up with designer Robert Procop to create a jewellery line ‘The Protector’ to help child victims of war and natural disasters?

13. Soon Kwon will be the new CEO of the Indian operations of which MNC?

14. RK Singh has been appointed chairman and managing director of which well known public sector entity?

15. Which company has topped the first-ever Fortune India 500 list?

16. Which company last week announced the acquisition of a majority stake of 53.5% in Bangalore-based Metahelix Life Sciences, a seeds research company?

17. UK-based fabric maker Dormeuil last week launched its range of suits in India. What is unique about the range?

18. Which business personality is all set to become the second Indian to join the board of consumer goods major Unilever as non-executive director?

19. Which business personality has acquired Bangalore-based start-up Injoos in an all-stock transaction?

20. Thirumalai Rajgopal is all set to become the first Indian to be selected for the post of global functional head in which well known MNC?

21. Which MNC last week launched ‘Ontario’, a first of its kind processor that is set be three times more powerful and economical than the existing products?

22. National Aviation Company of India Limited has been renamed. What is the new name?

23. Jeffrey Kindler last week suddenly retired as the chairman and chief executive of which MNC?

24. India’s first dedicated food channel was launched last week. What has it been branded as?

25. Which company and Madison World are floating a joint venture mobile marketing company, Kabuza Marketing?

26. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting last week granted a down-linking license to which well known and controversial English news channel?

27. Which company has launched the second season of the online contest, Is your boss stylish?

28. Which global services company has launched a multi-media recruitment campaign based on the concept of 'Stolen'?

29. Which MNC is buying the prepaid cash-card business of foreign exchange group Travelex for 290 million pounds ($459 million)?

30. Which MNC last week launched a 998cc motorcycle, FZ1, in India?

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Happy learning!
rajeev kondapalli

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