June 14, 2009

Biz Quizzard 272

Presenting the current affairs quiz for the week June 08 - 13. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Ms Preetha Reddy was last week named the heiress to which business group in India?

2. Palm recently launched its new smart phone in the US to take on Apple’s iPhone. What has it been branded as?

3. Which business school in India has, according to a news item last week, roped in Shah Rukh Khan to host its annual business and marketing quiz for the next 3 years?

4. Jewellery major and exporter Gitanjali Group will soon set up a second joint venture with which middle east-based jewellery retailer to launch a new brand to rival Tanishq?

5. Tata Teleservices Ltd. (TTSL) last week unveiled its GSM services. What has it been branded as?

6. Which automobile brand is being advertised with the positioning ‘Why so serious?’?

7. Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd. last week launched its internationally successful premium sports utility vehicle (SUV) in India. Name the brand?

8. Samsung last week launched the Guru e1107 handset in India. What is unique about it?

9. Nadathur Holdings, the investment arm of NS Raghavan, has acquired majority stake in Bangkok-based BMC Management, which operates a chain of boutique hotels and resorts in Thailand and Malaysia. Mr Raghavan is one of the founders of which well known company?

10. What unique distinction has been achieved by Nokia’s manufacturing facility in Chennai?

11. Which company last week bought Goa-based VS Dempo Mining Corporation for Rs 1,750 crore?

12. Which MNC last week launched its first international television commercial, ‘Library’?

Please mail your answers on or before next Sunday to rajeevkondapalli@gmail.com with Biz Quizzard 272 as the subject.

Happy learning!
rajeev kondapalli


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pravin ahir said...

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