December 28, 2008

Biz Quizzard 248

Presenting the current affairs quiz for the week December 22 - 27. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Why were Ramazan Baydan and Model 271 in news recently?

2. India’s largest cafĂ© chain Coffee Day has started retailing coffee, coffee making equipment and accessories at its new format. What has it been branded as?

3. Nilgiris orthodox tea has received GI (Geographical Indication) registration, giving a distinct identity to the tea which is often described as the Darjeeling tea of the south. What is special about this particular GI registration in the Indian context?

4. Why was a yacht named Tian in news recently?

5. What was special about the earnings forecast given out by Toyota Motor Corp last week?

6. Which company last week announced that it is buying the IT arm of Citigroup India for around $127 million?

7. Levi Strauss India is rolling out a new concept – standalone stores in malls and high street locations, which will offer a very high concentration of jeans wear, with a certain segment devoted to relevant tops. What has it been branded as?

8. Who is the richest person in the world of fiction, according to The Forbes Fictional 15 – an annual compilation of the world’s richest fictional characters by the US business magazine?

9. Which MNC last week said that it had acquired whole of the Swiss-based Cotravel for an undisclosed sum?

10. According to a news snippet last week, which celebrity has bought a $2,00,000 customized pink Bentley Continental GT for Christmas?

11. Ravi Jain, the former co-promoter of Millenium Alcobev, is, according to a report last week, gearing up to launch his own brand of wine in India. Name it?

12. Which actor has been appointed brand ambassador for travel gear brand VIP for a two year period (TVC currently on air)?

Please mail your answers on or before next Sunday to with Biz Quizzard 248 as the subject.

Happy learning!
rajeev kondapalli

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