February 5, 2007

Biz Quizzard 150

Another happy milestone for Biz Quizzard as it completes 150 weeks. Presenting the current affairs quiz for the week January 29 - February 03. Hope you enjoy it.

1. In what is being billed as the world's costliest ad, which MNC is set to seal off the city of London on February 17 and turn it into a mini Grand Prix-style racing circuit, as part of the filming of the ad highlighting its partnership with the Ferrari Formula One team?

2. Which company/brand last week announced a tie-up with Mumbai dabbawallahs to sell its products?

3. Actress Rani Mukherjee would be using which luxury mobile handset, as an in-film endorsement, in her upcoming big banner production Chudiyan, a Pradeep Sarkar-directed movie?

4. In the single-largest investment in the Indian print media, global private equity investor Blackstone Group last week announced an investment of $275 million (approximately Rs 1,238 crore) in which media group?

5. Which international business personality was recently awarded/conferred the Padma Bhushan by the Government of India?

6. Which company last week acquired a stake in Cosmo Aviation Training School, a company that promotes Flying Cats?

7. Which country last week claimed to have launched the world's first fourth-generation (4G) mobile communication system?

8. Which MNC bank has agreed to buy British insurer Prudential's loss making internet bank Egg for 575 million pounds ($1.13 billion) in cash?

9. Which consulting MNC last week announced its plans to increase its staff in India to 35,000 by August, adding 8,000 new jobs, overtaking the US as its largest employment hub so far?

10. Which leading gold jewellery retail chain major, according to a report last week, is establishing the world's largest gold & diamond jewellery store in Chennai?

11. Which product/brand was last week internationally launched from Times Square in New York with the tagline "The Wow Starts Now"?

12. Which MNC last week said that billionaire investor Carl Icahn would seek a seat on the board as he disclosed a 1.4% stake in the company?

13. Which company last week launched its truck and bus radial tyres under the brand name 'Regal'?

14. Sam Balsara, chairman and managing director, Madison Communications, last week launched an independent outdoor agency. What has it been branded as?

15. Hindustan Times (HT Media) last week finally unveiled its English business daily. What has it been branded as?

16. According to a report last week, which airline is all set to become the world's first to introduce mobile telephony on board?

17. Metropolitan Media, a 50:50 joint venture between HT Media and The Times of India Group, will launch Delhi's first morning tabloid on February 5. What has it been branded as?

18. According to a new survey released by Brand Finance, the independent brand consultancy, which are the world's three most valuable brands?

19. Which company has been awarded the Dale Carnegie Global Leadership Award for 2007, becoming the first Indian organization that has won this award?

20. Which company last week became the largest private company by sales in India?

21. Which well-known business personality last week took the reins as chief executive officer again ousting his handpicked successor, Kevin Rollins, after less than three years?

22. According to a report last week, which well known British entrepreneur is setting up a non-profit blood bank to allow parents to store stem cells from their children's umbilical cords?

23. Which business personality was last week awarded with Order of the Star of Romania?

24. To ensure that consumer upgrades to higher end durables at a faster pace, LG Electronics will announce a buyback offer of existing durables products from households. What has the initiative been branded as?

25. Which famous brand has adopted "More Happy" as the new slogan, unveiled in an advertising campaign last week in the lead up to this year's Super Bowl XLI, the National Football League championship game?

Please mail your answers to rajeevkondapalli@gmail.com with Biz Quizzard 150 as subject. The answers will be posted soon.

Happy learning
Rajeev Kondapalli


Unknown said...

Hi Rajeev,
Hearty congratulation on the 150th biz quiz. Am an ardent fan of your quiz. This format is good. The topics covered have become intesting and cumpulsive. Only one regret is that i need to wait for the answers. when and how do we get the answers? Is there any automated way of scoring?

Amit Pandey said...

Hi Rajeev/ Murali,

Congrats at reaching this landmark. A tremendous yeoman effort from both of you to keep the Quizzing Junta informed about the latest in world of Business.

BTW have attempted the Biz Quizzard 149 & 150, knowing fully well that the answers won't be mailed to me for whatever reasons !!! ( The answers to previous Biz Quizzard 142 onwards have been sent ). Hope, you change the habit of arbitrary mailing the answers to select few.

Best Wishes & keep up the good work


Amit Pandey said...

Mea Culpa

" The answers to previous Biz Quizzard 142 onwards have NOT been sent to me. "

Dushyant Prakash said...

Hi Rajeev

It's amazing that you are now 150 posts old. Quite a feat to accomplish, I hope that many more are to come.

Do add a lot links to other popular quizzing sites, sites of general interest which you recommend. Your profile is also missing, which is a must for a blogger. Let me see if I can send some ways and means to increase the traction.

Cheers to a great start.


N!DH! NAHATA said...

Hey Rajeev,Congrats 4d blog....M a big fan of ur quizzes too........Ur format of answers 2 only those who answer is totally just, afterall quiz shd b attempted by all, it shd nt b a mere ques bank......As far as blog is concerned, add ur profile plus add some links 2 blogs which u fell r apt 2 quizzin.....Chal keep it up n Enjoy,N!DH!

sh00nya said...

Congratulations on reaching the landmark. BizQuizzard has indeed been a great source of information. Hoping to see it grow leaps and bounds.

Good Luck

sh00nya said...
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A BorN MoRoN said...

Gud to see U'r blog , infact one of the most awaited quizzing blog must say.

Dushyant Prakash said...

Hey make your profile and add the links....

Dushyant Prakash said...