December 4, 2011

Biz Quizzard 401

Presenting the current affairs quiz for the week November 28 - December 03. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Which brand has launched a 75-second television commercial 'Har maa ke dil mein' to cut through the clutter of consumer product advertising?

2. Which company has announced it will launch 60 exclusive stores, called Beauty Zones, to hawk its products?

3. Auto major Daimler has decided to drop which super-luxury brand?

4. Which MNC is aiming to transform its image with the launch of the ‘86 Sports Coupe’?

5. The leadership institute of which Indian company will now sell its exclusive leadership content and services to other companies?

6. The Delhi high court has passed a decree restraining Shipra Laboratories from selling or advertising soap or any other product under the Safeguard brand. Which MNC owns the trademark?

7. Which company has launched its cruiser bike Intruder M800 in India?

8. Which company is running a teaser digital campaign called The Hunt for the True Snexy - India's First Reality Snack Show?

9. Which business personality is among the five Indians who figure in Foreign Policy magazine's prestigious list of Top 100 Global Thinkers?

10. Which MNC has filed a patent for covering a computer system that can monitor the behaviour of employees while also assigning positive or negative scores to each action?

11. Who is the Business Standard Banker of the Year for 2010-2011?

12. The world's largest selling drug went off patent in the United States on November 30. Name it?

13. AMR Corp filed for voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a New York court last week. The company owns which airline?

14. Which MNC will launch the iconic Porsche sports car marquee in India next year?

15. Which milestone has Bharti Airtel crossed in the African market?

16. Which company has named B Sai Kumar as its Group CEO?

17. Which MNC will launch Sonic, its fifth television channel in India?

18. Which conglomerate said it would buy the Omaha World-Herald, the hometown newspaper of its founder?

19. Who has been named the European investment banker of the year?

20. Which bank has launched a premium bouquet of credit cards for women, called ‘Solitare Premium' and ‘Solitare'?

21. Which business group has been ranked 4th in the world and 1st in Asia-Pacific in the 'Top Companies for Leaders' study by AON Hewitt, The RBL Group and Fortune?

22. Ferrari recently unveiled its official biography - The Ferrari Official Opus - Enzo Diamante – in India. What is the book’s claim to fame?

23. PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) has filed a public interest litigation in the Bombay High Court against which 3 companies for using bullock-carts to transport its products?

24. Nestle recently unveiled its new brand of milk and yoghurt in India. Name it?

25. Vinay Pathak is seen as Subbu in the ‘Subbu sab janta hai’ campaign (TVC currently on air) of which company?

26. After languishing for almost a decade, the century-old textile brand of Mafatlal is making a comeback by re-branding itself. What is the new brand?

27. A rare and pristine copy of the first issue of Action Comics, famed for the first appearance of Superman, set which new record last week?

28. Which company has become India's top-ranked company for research and development (R&D), as per a list compiled by the European Commission?

29. AK Garg, director, HR, BSNL, has been appointed CMD of which company?

30. Tom Glocer is stepping down as the chief executive of which news and information company?

Please mail your answers on or before next Sunday to with Biz Quizzard 401 as the subject.

Happy learning!
rajeev kondapalli

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