December 11, 2011

Biz Quizzard 402

Presenting the current affairs quiz for the week December 05 - 10. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Four days after the multinational rolled out a new brand of milk and yogurt, which organization has shot off a legal notice to Nestle over trademark infringement of its dairy brand A+?

2. Which MNC has announced a $3.4 billion cash deal to buy US web-based software company SuccessFactors, joining the scramble among technology firms to offer cloud-computing services to businesses?

3. Which company has revived the singing telegram concept through its latest product?

4. A 14-car crash / pileup recently in Japan made global news. Why?

5. According to a report last week, which hotel has overtaken the iconic Taj as the costliest in Mumbai?

6. Apollo Group Inc, the largest for-profit college in the United States, will enter the lucrative Indian education market by partnering with which media company?

7. Prabha Parameswaran will be the new India managing director for which MNC?

8. Which MNC has appointed Sunil Dutt as its managing director for India?

9. Who will take charge of the $2-billion construction conglomerate SP Group?

10. Which company has acquired the Hong Kong-based jewellery company Crown Aim for an undisclosed amount?

11. Which MNC has acquired location-sharing service Gowalla?

12. Which company has launched a dialysis centre chain under a new brand Renkare?

13. Google has released a magazine reading application for smartphones or tablet computers powered by Android or Apple software. What has it been branded as?

14. In a new consumer-outreach initiative, which company has chosen 12 hitherto unknown children to be its brand ambassadors?

15. Which Indian institute has been ranked second in the list of top business schools from which Asia-Pacific employers most prefer to recruit executives?

Please mail your answers on or before next Sunday to with Biz Quizzard 402 as the subject.

Happy learning!
rajeev kondapalli

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