March 25, 2012

Biz Quizzard 417

Presenting the current affairs quiz for the week March 19 - 24. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Thai business magnate Chaleo Yoovidhya died recently. He was the founder of which well known brand?

2. Durian Industries Ltd has appointed which celebrity as their new brand ambassador?

3. Which MNC has agreed to pay €5.2 billion ($6.85 billion) to buy Dutch rival TNT Express?

4. Timbre Media, a Bangalore-based start-up, along with Vodafone India, is re-launching which well known entertainment brand?

5. Which brand has emerged as the most valuable global brand as per the annual survey undertaken by international agency Brand Finance?

6. Which MNC last week said it has agreed to buy Kiva Systems Inc for $775 million in cash, a deal which will bring more robotic technology to its network of warehouses?

7. Which twenty-year-old brand has changed its positioning to 'Har tod ka super jod', while maintaining its tagline?

8. Which automobile MNC has reached an endorsement agreement with New York Knicks basketball star Jeremy Lin that will cover several international markets but focus on the U.S. and China?

9. Which company last week synchronised the second unit of its Maithon power project in Jharkhand, making it the country’s largest private sector power generating firm?

10. Marking the first occasion that Mickey Mouse, one of the world’s most recognisable brands, will be associated with cricket, which entity has signed a brand alliance with Walt Disney India?

11. Which two companies last week announced their planned merger, creating a $2.4-billion company with the potential to challenge India’s top-tier software companies?

12. Which MNC plans to launch its heritage brand Datsun in India to make deeper inroads in the fast growing small car market?

13. Which bank has launched Sapphiro, a new card product for the super affluent segment and its wealth management clientele?

14. Diversified business group ITC has launched a common loyalty programme. What has it been branded as?

15. Which well known MNC is spinning off its grocery business and will change its name to Mondelez International Inc?

16. Which destination is the best place to do business, according to data compiled by Bloomberg?

17. Which company’s former CEO, who blew the whistle on one of Japan’s most high-profile frauds, has been described as “boldest business person of the year” by Financial Times?

18. Jim Skinner will be retiring as the CEO of which well known MNC?

19. More than 35 million people have downloaded the mobile game "Draw Something" since it was released six weeks ago. Which well known company last week acquired the gaming start-up behind it?

20. Reliance Foundation last week launched ‘Reliance Drishti’. What is it?

21. Takayuki Ishida has been appointed as the Managing Director of the Indian operations of which automobile MNC?

22. Which MNC has launched its new campaign, 'Jhukna Mat', featuring brand ambassador John Abraham?

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Happy learning!
rajeev kondapalli

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