January 6, 2008

Biz Quizzard 197

Presenting the current affairs quiz for the week December 31 - January 05. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Which company has launched a campaign across media with the baseline ‘Power on. India on.’?

2. The Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group is entering the IT consulting and services space. What has the company been named?

3. Which company/brand is advertising its ready-to-wear brand ‘msd’ (after MS Dhoni) on television?

4. Which company, according to a report last week, has started branded toilets, called Fleurs, at select, high-selling outlets on high-density tourist routes?

5. Which advertising agency has bagged the creative account of the Rs 1-lakh car from Tata Motors?

6. Which business group, according to a report last week, has unveiled plans to ‘electrify football in the country’?

7. Which railway project has become the first in the world to earn carbon credits?

8. Mr Charles Simonyi and which well-known business personality have donated $30 million to a project to build a telescope in Chile?

9. Mr Mark Hurd was named as the ‘Businessperson of the Year’ by the BusinessWeek magazine. He is the CEO of which MNC?

10. Which pharma company is advertising itself in the print medium with the baseline ‘BRIONGING SCIENCE TO LIFE’?

Please mail your answers on or before Sunday to rajeevkondapalli@gmail.com with Biz Quizzard 197 as the subject.

Happy learning!
rajeev kondapalli

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