February 24, 2008

Biz Quizzard 204

Presenting the current affairs quiz for the week February 18 - 23. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Which company last week announced that it is roping in cricketers Ishant Sharma & Rohit Sharma as brand ambassadors?

2. Which television channel is being advertised across media with the baseline ‘World Ki Best Kahaniyan’?

3. Which foreign bank was last week issued a license by RBI?

4. According to a report last week, Airmid Aviation Services has been granted a non-scheduled air transport operating status. The company is a subsidiary of which financial services group in India?

5. Which well known business personality has acquired a Norwegian shipping firm, JB Ugland Shipping (JBUS) for Rs 1,200 crore?

6. Which Indian business group, according to a report last week, has invested in BJETS, a business jet operator company?

7. Cadbury India last week launched a new product for people with diabetes. What has it been branded as?

8. Reliance Communications last week announced a new umbrella brand which consolidates its global telecommunications business and operations. Name the brand?

9. Which Indian IT company last week announced the acquisition of US-based banking software company Capital Stream, for $40 million (about Rs 160 crore)?

10. Which two wheeler brand is being advertised in the print media with the baseline ‘DESIGNED FOR EVERYONE’?

11. Which business personality last week received the JRD Tata Corporate Leadership Award?

12. DaimerChrysler India has changed its name. What will it be now known as?

13. Which brand is being advertised across media with the baseline ‘yeh hai younGistaan meri jaan’?

14. The boards of which two private banks in India last week agreed to merge to form a merged entity?

15. Which well known international publication brand has launched it’s first-ever campaign in India, a high-voltage outdoor presence bearing its signature colours, red and white and the baseline ‘Interpret the world’?

Please mail your answers before next Sunday with Biz Quizzard 204 as the subject.

Happy learning!
rajeev kondapalli

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