November 18, 2007

Biz Quizzard 190

Presenting the current affairs quiz for the week November 12 - 17. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Which organization, according to a report last week, has decided to enter the branded snacks market with Munch Time, a salty snack much like Frito Lay’s Kurkure?

2. In hopes of keeping pace with rivals in the field of business intelligence software, which MNC, according to a news snippet last week, said it planned to buy Cognos Inc. for $5 billion in cash?

3. My question of the week. Who has been named the new CEO of software maker Adobe Systems?

4. The latest Brand Equity Ad Agency Reckoner – the annual ranking on the most admired ad agencies, media agencies, influential people and creative directors – was released last week. Which agency has been ranked second on the Top 10 Creative Agencies list?

5. Which FMCG major last week launched in south India, the company’s latest floor cleaner Dazzl, and signed popular south Indian actor Khusboo as its brand ambassador?

6. Which MNC has decided to sell its 20% stake in Lucky Film Co Ltd., ending a four-year partnership with China’s biggest photo film manufacturer?

7. Which company has been releasing ads in various newspapers for the past few weeks with the baseline ‘The Chemical Company’?

8. Which Indian company is acquiring the privately-held super luxury resorts and spa chain Singapore-based Amanresorts for around $250 million?

9. A supercomputer from India has been recognized as the world’s fourth fastest and the most powerful one in Asia and Asia-Pacific region. Which business group is associated with it?

10. Which company last week claimed to be the world’s only tractor company to win the Japan Quality Award?

11. Which two-wheeler brand is being advertised with the baseline ‘SABKi WiSH KARE POORi’?

12. The Gautham Thapar-led group of companies last week unveiled a its new group corporate identity. What will it be now known as?

13. The India today Group last week released an ad announcing the launch of its newspaper in Delhi and NCR. What has it been branded as?

14. Reliance Retail last week launched its jewellery format in Bangalore. What has it been branded as?

15. Which automobile brand is being advertised with the baseline ‘CATCH THE i’?

Please mail your answers before Friday to with Biz Quizzard 190 as the subject.

Happy learning!
rajeev kondapalli

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