May 28, 2007

Biz Quizzard 165

Presenting the current affairs quiz for the week May 21-26. Hope you enjoy it.

1. The AV Birla group has appointed its first woman business head. Ms Martha Finn Brooks has been appointed president and chief operating officer of which group company?

2. According to a report last week, which corporate group has joined hands with art outfit Chisel to set up Kolkata's and eastern region's first art auction house?

3. Which Indian company last week agreed to buy Israeli generic maker Taro Pharmaceutical Industries?

4. Which well known MNC last week announced the appointment of Tejpreet Singh Chopra as the president & CEO of its Indian operations?

5. Fishing in troubled waters. Which television channel/network last week announced its plans to launch a new channel 'Kalaignar TV', reportedly with the patronage of DMK leadership?

6. The new logo - a red coloured flying swan - of which company was unveiled last week?

7. The Global Broadcast News (GBN), which operates the CNN IBN news channel and is part of the TV18 group, last week inked a 50:50 joint venture with which media MNC for an entertainment channel?

8. Which company has launched a new corporate campaign on television (single TVC, currently on air) with the baseline 'The world is not enough'?

9. Which two wheeler brand is being advertised (TVC currently on air) with the baseline 'Got it?'?

10. Which cement brand is Amitabh Bachchan endorsing on television (currently on air)?

11. Not exactly a business question, but I thought it could be counted as one. Which country last week became the first to open a 'virtual embassy' in Second Life, the online virtual world?

12. Which MNC last week acquired Glaceau, also known as Energy Brands, for $4.1 billion in cash?

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Happy Learning!
Rajeev Kondapalli

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very good compilation of questions this week